Progressive Jackpot


Las Vegas attracts slot machine fans from both around the whole of the US and from every corner of the world. Although there are pretenders such as South East Asia’s Macau, Monte Carlo in Europe and Atlantic City closer to home Las Vegas is still undoubtedly the city most of us hold as synonymous with gambling. Amongst the hundreds of casinos in Vegas and the hundreds of thousands of slot machines, there is one slot machine that has built a legendary status around itself. The Lion’s Share slot machine which was to be found at the MGM Grand was a progressive slot machine. This means that as well as the regular payouts and jackpots a small percentage of all of the money paid into it goes towards a separate jackpot activated when the rarest winning combination possible is hit. Progressive jackpots are quite common and can be on a single slot machine in a physical casino or online or online when several casinos offer the same game the progressive jackpot can be linked across the different casinos.

The Lion’s Share is an old-fashioned 3-reel slot machine of a variety generally long retired. Nevada law requires that a slot machine must pay out at least 75% of its takings to players so as its contemporaries were retired around 15 years ago and replaced by more modern machines, the casino kept The Lion’s Share in service, waiting for the moment it would pay out. However, the years passed and the stars stubbornly refused to align for a player to hit the progressive jackpot. By law the casino could have transferred the progressive jackpot sum to another machine but the legend of the slot had gradually built up and every day scores of players came to the casino specifically to try their luck at hitting the jackpot which was growing with each passing day. A spokesman for the casino stated “This game probably gets played about five times more than our average game on the casino floor. Our staff gets asked every single day, multiple times, where this game is, from people who haven’t played it before.”

More than 20 years after the slot first came onto the casino floor it has now eventually paid out, bringing a legend with its own Facebook page and Twitter account to an end. The lucky winner was Walter Misco of New Hampshire, a regular visitor to Vegas over 25 years. He and his wife had hunted out The Lion’s Share machine and put $100 dollars in as the latest to try their luck. And it was their luck as the three symbols required aligned and the machine paid out its $2.4 million jackpot. The casino are now trying to arrange for the lucky couple to be given The Lion’s Share as a souvenir of their lucky break.

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