Best Progressive Mobile Slots


Progressive slot games work just like any other standard video slot game except that a tiny fraction of the money paid into the game goes into a separate pot which is unlocked only when a particularly rare combinations of symbols comes up. Slot games are programmed to pay out a particular percentage of all of their takings with a minimum set by law in the particular jurisdiction. Usually this is somewhere between 75% and 98%, with most online slot games coming in more towards the top of this scale. This is achieved by choosing winning combinations of symbols using mathematical models that ensure that over enough spins, to balance out the randomness that any individual spin of the reels is subject to, the set percentage of takings will be paid out in winnings.

In progressive slots the percentage paid out in normal play will be slightly less, usually a fraction of a percent. The difference goes into the progressive jackpot fund with is connected to a single or small number of the rarest potential combination of symbols. The mathematical likelihood of that combination coming up on any single spin will be tiny. The jackpot’s balance builds until someone wins it, meaning that the figures are often mind-boggling. It is the chance of huge wins that keeps players entertained and happy to have their chances of winning in normal play reduced ever so slightly. So what are some of the most popular, and therefore presumably the best, progressive jackpot mobile slot games?

Gold Rally

Gold Rally is the most popular of all mobile slots with a progressive jackpot. Despite the innovative creations that slot developers keep coming up with it is still the simpler slot games that tend to prove to be most popular with players. Gold Rally embodies simplicity with its 3 reels and minimalist 8 paylines. This also means that the price per spin even when all paylines are selected is comparatively low. To be in with a chance of winning the progressive jackpot however players have to bet on all 8 lines.

The minimum win on the Gold Rush progressive jackpot is $225 000 but jackpots of more than $1.5 million have been won. Nine scatter icons across the reels activate the jackpot.

Sky Millions

The Sky Millions progressive jackpot slot consists of 5 reels but is again a simple game with just 9 paylines. The progressive jackpot can only be won in a bonus game which is activated when at least 3 gold bar icons come up across the 5 reels. In the bonus game you need to come across two black arrow symbols. If you do so you will go to a final spin on just one reel. To win the jackpot a third black arrow has to come up. If it does the chances are that you will hit a jackpot in excess of £1 million!

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