Progressive Jackpot Bingo


Progressive bingo jackpots are a popular draw in the online version of the game but they are in fact nothing new and have existed in traditional bingo halls for many years. The basic principle of a progressive jackpot is that for every ticket purchased by a player to take part in a game, a small percentage of that goes into a separate progressive jackpot fund which grows until someone wins it. The trigger to win the progressive jackpot differs from how players normally win in a game and will consist of players getting a particularly rare combination. As this will not happen in every game, in fact it will statistically happen relatively rarely, this jackpot continues to grow until someone wins it. If this doesn’t happen for quite some time the progressive jackpot fund can grow to reach a quite giddy total.

The trigger to win a bingo progressive jackpot varies from bingo room to bingo room and can even do so between games. However, the most commonly encountered criteria is that to win a player must achieve a full-house within a relatively low number of balls. If that was not achieved then the eventual winner of the game would receive the standard prize and the progressive jackpot would roll over to the next game. Alternatively, a progressive jackpot might be tied to a separate mini game at the end of a session. Here normally a fixed number of numbers would be called and if no player achieved a full house within those the jackpot would roll over to the next time.

Progressive bingo jackpots are common at large bingo chains such as Mecca where the jackpot is contributed towards by players playing at bingo halls all over the country. However, it is in the online environment when the system really comes into its own. With thousands of players playing simultaneously on online bingo the jackpots can reach tens and hundreds of thousands of pounds, and there have been instances of online players winning jackpots into the millions.

Statistically progressive jackpots are not really the best way for players to spend money as the chances of winning and getting a return on investment are relatively small. But the size of the jackpots that are available add to the entertainment value for players and they are happy to pay a very small sum for the chance of winning a potentially life changing jackpot. It is a similar mentality as to why so many people buy lottery tickets each week. They don’t really expect to win but they both enjoy seeing who does and the chance for it to just maybe be them one day.

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