Where Will You Find Them?


Not all casinos or casino games have a progressive jackpot built into them. Because playing for a progressive jackpot does mean some extra cost to players, however small, casinos tend to offer the same games both with and without a progressive jackpot feature. Which casino games can be progressive jackpots games with the chance for a huge win?


Like with most table games, in the case of Blackjack, progressive jackpots tend to be set up as side games. Most commonly the trigger combinations for progressive jackpots in Blackjack are four suited aces dealt or three suited sevens with the dealer also holding a fourth seven. Often smaller payouts are also activated by slightly less rare combinations such as small pairs or 7s. To participate in the progressive jackpot you will have to place a bet into the progressive jackpot fund which will usually have its own square on the betting board.


Slot games, especially those online are what most people connect to progressive jackpots. Here the format is simplest. When you choose to play on a slot with a progressive jackpot the ratio of normal wins is simply programmed to be a tiny bit less with the difference building up in the jackpot. The fee is built in and you don’t need to think about it. Because many online casinos use games provided by the same game developers the progressive jackpots on those games are often linked to the fund is built up by players playing the game on all the casinos which offer it. This means that if you are lucky enough to hit the progressive jackpot the prize can be huge and into the millions.

Caribbean Stud

In Caribbean Stud progressive jackpots also work by players paying into a side game and the jackpot is triggered by a player getting a Royal Flush, though sometimes smaller progressive jackpot wins can also be triggered by other combinations which are slightly less rare such as Flushes, Full Houses or 4 of a Kind. These smaller wins will usually earn you around 10% of the jackpot.


In poker progressive jackpots are often triggered and won by a player that actually loses a hand. The idea is to compensate a player who actually has a great hand, 4 of a kind of eights or higher for example, but still manages to lose as their opponent has an even stronger combination. Rules here for what is required to trigger the jackpot can vary quite extensively but it does add an additional dimension to the game and many players consider that it improves the game by removing a little the element of luck that can negate good play on occasion.

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